Beautiful beach location for your destination wedding.

19 01 2010

A destination wedding in the Riviera Maya!

If you’ve never been to Mexico, specifically the Riviera Maya, you should go… now. It’s unbelievably gorgeous there. I had the opportunity to travel there the first week of this new year. It’s truly one of my favorite places. I was sitting at at my palapa on the beach, gazing off into the distance, and what did I see? A destination wedding! Later in the day I took a photo of where the wedding was. What a stunning view! This little slice of beach is located in Playa Del Carmen. More details to come in the future…

View from the shores of the Riviera Maya



One response

19 01 2010

Nothing beats the idea of beach weddings…truly an opportunity for your guests to reminisce.

Nothing creates memories like a wedding. Beach settings are even more memorable for friends, family and other guests who are sharing your matrimonial happiness. Mine was themed Weddings Koh Samui and it was just so meaningful even with a tight budget.

Thanks for sharing your wedding story. Love love.

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