Destination Wedding Tips & Ideas

Get advice and ideas from the experts! Having witnessed so many weddings, we can’t help but notice things that really make a wedding stand out.  The more weddings we photograph & video – the more tips and ideas we’ll add to this list! Keep checking back periodically!

  •  If you’re having an outdoor ceremony,  look at the average temperatures of your destination for the month/week you will be getting married.  If it’s going to be a little hot for you guests, provide them hand fans or fun colored parasols to protect them from the heat & sun.  It will add a fun splash of color to your wedding, and can even double as a souvenir!
  • If your destination has mosquitoes or other pesky little – have a can of bug-spray available for your guests to use when they need it.
  • Dancing the night away?  How many of us have taken our heals off at a wedding reception? I know I have! A basket full of different sized colorful flip flops will provide your guests comfort and keep ’em on the dance floor for hours!
  • How about getting creative when you “number” your tables?  Instead of numbers, use the names of the local beaches or attractions near your location.  Or make it personal- your favorite movies, places you’ve traveled…
  • If you are getting married on a beach not associated with a resort, make sure you check the local laws.  You may have to get a permit in order to have your ceremony! Hawaii specifically has recently changed all of their laws.  If you aren’t using a wedding planner, we would recommend asking your florist.  They will most likely be familiar with all the nuances of your location.
  • Did you know the look of your pictures and video will drastically change depending on what time of day you marry?  The best light is usually within an hour after dawn, and an hour before dusk.  High noon sun can cause issues for anyone trying to capture your moments on camera!
  • Have a large group coming, all staying at the same resort?  Provide a welcome basket with some basic neccesities.   If there are kitchens in their rooms – maybe some breakfast options to get them started in the mornings.  A list of phone numbers they might need.  Some restaurant ideas.  Some snacks or water bottles to take with them on any excursions.  Use your imagination to enhance every moment of your friends and families experiances!

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