Destination wedding in Maui!

22 01 2010

Who doesn’t want to have their wedding on a beach in Hawaii? I dare you to find me someone!  Miles of white sandy beaches everywhere you turn.  Mountains adorned with luscious greenery and brightly colored flowers… Hawaii has it all!  My personal favorite location is Maui.  To be honest I am completely partial – because that is where I was a destination bride!  I was married about 4 years ago on Makena Cove beach.  It’s a very popular location for destination weddings (though I did not know it was so popular at the time) – mostly because of it’s picture perfect scenery.  Here is a photo of myself and my husband!

Secret Cove

Amber and Paul seal their vows!

Makena Cove (sometimes called Secret Cove), is just off the beaten path on the southern shore of Maui.  It makes for a beautiful and truly intimate wedding location for any bride and groom.  While this location is highly sought after, we actually found it by accident!  Since 2005 when I was married, the laws about weddings on beaches have actually changed.  So make sure if you are planning your destination wedding in Maui, you research the laws ahead of time and have the proper permits! Here is a link to a list of regulations that are currently in place.  Also make sure you bring your favorite destination wedding photographer and videographer!  We are well traveled, practiced in the art of destination wedding photography and videography, and would love to embark on your adventure with you.  E-mail us at to get started.  See you next time!

Beautiful beach location for your destination wedding.

19 01 2010

A destination wedding in the Riviera Maya!

If you’ve never been to Mexico, specifically the Riviera Maya, you should go… now. It’s unbelievably gorgeous there. I had the opportunity to travel there the first week of this new year. It’s truly one of my favorite places. I was sitting at at my palapa on the beach, gazing off into the distance, and what did I see? A destination wedding! Later in the day I took a photo of where the wedding was. What a stunning view! This little slice of beach is located in Playa Del Carmen. More details to come in the future…

View from the shores of the Riviera Maya