Destinations for Wedding & Honeymoon

Whether you’re looking for that perfect place for your destination wedding, or a romantic place for your honeymoon, you’ve come to the right place!  Leeann and I thought we would share our photos from all our travels throughout the world.  Also, since I know it’s the first question I would ask, we will include the average temperatures!  If we have more than a few photos – click the link to get to our Flickr album to see more.  Of course if you have any specific questions about your wedding or honeymoon location – e-mail us at  Enjoy!
Payson, Arizona (Mogollon Rim area)

Average highs (F) January 53.7 / February 57.4 / March 62.0 / April 70.2 / May 79.2 / June 89.4 / July 92.3 / August 89.5 / September 84.9 / October 74.8 / November 62.5 / December 54.4

Average lows (F) January 24.6 / February 26.6 / March 29.9 / April 35.1 / May 42.0 / June 49.8/ July 58.5 / August 57.6 / September 50.5 / October 40.4 / November 30.2 / December 24.6

As you can see, the lows and high differ quite a bit! This rang very true for my visit there in September. Pack lots of layers. If you love nature and hiking – this is a GREAT place for a honeymoon! Check out my Flickr album of Arizona area attractions I visited while staying in Payson! Also check out our blog post for a great location to have your destination wedding.

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